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Interact Publishing approached the BBC to licence the Match of the Day title for an annual in summer 2005

It seemed to be the licence everyone else had tried and given up on, however, our two key collaborators had good knowledge of the teenage market and were convinced they had a winning formula.

They hired a top data company Warner Leach to monitor every player isigned to a top club over a rolling 12 months and created an algorithm to analyse the data and create lists of the best players in each position.

From 3,000 player records they gave readers the top 50 form players across the world in every key position.

They also analysed and ranked the squad of each Premier team. Not only did the 7-13-year old audience lap it up their dads did to, and the first two annuals both sold out, before Random House took over the title.

The 2007 annual reached number 17 in the Xmas
non-fiction charts

A top-selling re-invention of the footie annual formula

Match of the Day Annual


Originally published by Interact

Price: £6.99
First annual:
Last edition sales:
Chris Hunt & Terry Pratt