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My Football Year is your record of the season’s memories in a 64-page full-colour hardback book.

For each game we provide a wealth of top action pictures, four different kinds of stats panel, news, quotes and match reports... But you add your spin and comments to tell the story of your team’s season as YOU see it.

You can award the man of the match marks, write witty picture captions, even load up your own photos to the book.

Simply log onto the My Football Year website, select your team and away you go. You’ll find it’s already up to date thanks to our journalists, photographers, designers and statisticians.

Use our simple software to change as much or as little as you like. Either way you end up with a stunning book.

At the end of the season you just press PRINT and we professionally print it as a top quality hardback and mail it to you - at an all-in-one price.

You can see a demo of how easy it is to use and sample pages of your team’s season at: MyFootballYear.com

The best guide to your team’s season
A top quality hard-back book with your name on the front.

A totally unique book that gives the fan the final say:

Selected as a top Xmas gift for dads and kids by The Times.


Published by Interact

Price: £24.99
First published:
Xmas 2007
Published with:
Ownwrite Limited
Author & Editor:
too many to count!