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In 2006 Interact Publishing reinvented the formula for World Cup preview guides.

Its new kind of guide brought many innovations:

1) It published each finalist’s qualifying data in detail: every player, every goal, every minute.

2) It used the information to create more accurate predictions of the final squads and teams.

3) It ran a 12 month club and international form guide charting the best midfielders, defenders, strikers and keepers going to the World Cup with stats

4) It used a respected manager to analyse and predict each group.

The result was the Match of the Day Guide to the World Cup. A ‘grown up’ guide that professional pundits used to inform their commentary.

At 48,000 sales it reached number 11 in the charts. In 2010 Harpersport used the same formula and asked us to package the Sun Guide for them.

15 weeks in the
non-fiction top 30

Guide to the 2006 and 2010 World Cups: -
two top brands sharing a winning formula

World Cup Guides

Originally published by Interact

Price: £8.99
First published:
2006; 2010
First edition sales:
Author & Editor:
Terry Pratt