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A top manager is approached to undertake a secret mission: - create the best football team in the world.

However, as he travels between countries, scouting players, looking into footballing cultures, studying formations, he finds that he himself is also the target of a spy network, possibly working for The Opposition.

The book is a series of snapshots over his shoulder as he creates cards for the best players in every position, studies the latest stats, plots his formation for the big game and writes his diary

A unique mix of fictional story, player data and top footie trivia, PWXI is every young fan’s dream.

It is a football novelty book. Every spread contains pop-ups, fold outs, information wheels and player cards. There’s a prize for the reader who selects the team closest to the celebrity manager’s own choice and enters it on the site: ProjectWorldXI.com

Match Magazine rated it:
“One of the coolest  football books - EVER!”

Project World XI - your mission is to create
the World’s best football team

Project World XI


Published by Interact

Price: £17.99
First published: Xmas
Current sales:
Author & Editor:
Terry Pratt