Project World XI Described as ‘the best book ever’ in a Match magazine review

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, Interact took on the publishing empires of Penguin, Random House and Harper Collins, and…

…and lost! Well, they’re still publishing books and I’ve taken a break. I lost, but not because I started a book publishing company from scratch knowing absolutely zero about the industry. Nor was it because I was a one-man band, doing all the jobs that real book publishers have whole departments dedicated to. Nor was it because I made all sorts of stupid mistakes, including:

1. Printing one of my books without a price on it;
2. Having 30,000 of copies of a book on a ship in Shanghai harbour when a typhoon hit;
3. Seeing my latest best-seller, bound for the port of Harwich, being diverted into Rotterdam just when WHSmith was clearing space on their shelves to promote it.

OK, so I was probably the worst (and smallest) book publisher ever to grace the UK best-seller shelves but I wasn’t completely rubbish at it.

Fact is, I lost because I tasted success and became far too ambitious, publishing adventurous

MotD Annual – Times Xmas week No. 2 best-seller

book ideas no-one was ready for. However, during my four years in the industry I did create 18 titles, most of which sold over 10,000 copies in the UK, six of which hit the Bookscan Top-25 Non-fiction charts – some of these staying there for weeks and selling over 60,000 copies. I also developed books for all three of the big publishers mentioned above.

By the time the book industry was running scared of e-books and ferociously consolidating, I’d followed another idea into a different industry.

Now I’ve discovered fiction – both short stories and novels – and you can see examples of my writing here. I still have plans for totally mad books though…

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